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Here at VTP, we offer a range of different individual lessons, as well as group classes. These are open to all ages and abilities, some even having tailor-made teaching programs. 

Voice Lessons (Solo)

Run by Angie, these classes focus on vocal strength and stability. Styles varying from musicals, pop, country, jazz and more, these classes can be assessed for AMEB Grades, or just for fun!

|Vocal, Theory and Performance|

Jr Musical Theatre (Group)

Has your young one wanted the opportunity to perform in a group, learning ensemble skills, simple choreography, as well as drama skills? Run by Angie, this fun group allows all of these things in a fun and safe environment.

Piano Tutoring (Solo)

For all ages, this one-on-one lesson is suitable for students who want to take their music skills to the next level, or for those who haven't played a piano in years - if ever. Run by Tyler, the lessons focus on understanding how music works through scales, sheet music and sound, and applying that by learning popular songs.

Theory (Solo/Group)

Who said music theory can't be fun? Students learn through the AMEB Grading system with opportunities for assessments if interested. This tends to be a solo class, however, if enough students around the same age are interested, then the class may become a group. Note: this can be done in person or via Zoom. 

Glee (Group)

Based on the hit tv series, this senior class focuses on harmonies, while also giving opportunities for solos. They cover a wide variety of styles, all chosen based on the consensus of the group.

|Vocal, Theory and Performance|

Snr Musical Theatre (Group)

Wanted to become the ultimate triple threat? Senior MT gives students the opportunity to focus in on harmony work, while also learning choreography to some popular musical songs; They also are offered opportunities for solos. 

Guitar Tutoring (Solo)

Run by Tyler, classes involve learning about and playing chords and scales, and then how to apply them to sheet music, TAB and chord charts of pop, rock or any type of music. This class is good for those who don't want to learn much about music theory, but still want to know how to play an instrument.

Performance Class (Group)

Running during Term 2-3, these group classes focus on music from a specific movie, artist or genre, opening a space for kids, teens and adults alike to learn. Each week, classes focus on solos, harmonies, as well as choreography led by Stuart. At the end of the rehearsal weeks, family and friends are able to come to see the show.

Note: Solos are not mandatory for these shows.

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